Resource Portal for HHHS

I spoke to Lyn on the phone in December (early) we talked about what the resource portal (Lyn came up with that cool name) would be and who it would be for. During our phone conversation we decided that I should focus on 2 year levels for English and 2 artist for Art. After talking to art they thought it would be better to focus on two year levels for them too. Art was the most collaborative and they gave me material to put on the Wiki. We also talked about what would be needed. I had completed the Brett Whitley page to some extent and they added some ideas for that. The art faculty stated they would like student examples to use as models for the programs I added a page of exampled for year 7 and one for year 8. The images were given to me by the art faculty. They also said they would like a page of word document resources so again I added a page for year 7 and a page for year 8. The resources were provided by the art faculty. On the example of the Wiki I showed them there were no annotations relating to what each link was so I added this too as they stated they would like to have information before just visiting the site or downloading the resource.

I then visited English and found that they did not have many resources to give me. I have worked with English on one lesson for year 7. On speaking with the faculty it was difficult to work out what they would need. I have had this problem before as they are not very computer focused. I was able to get some idea of what they would need and I also obtained a few resource. For the purpose of this assignment this will be Ok and it is important to try and work with departments that are not as collaborative as the art faculty.

The Art department has two full time art teachers and one part time teacher.
The English department has 3 full time teachers, 1 temporary full time teacher, 1 part time teacher and 1 ESL teacher part time.

After the professional development day I decided to add a Gifted and Talented resource page. I have a lot of resources for this area. Gifted and Talented is a leadership team I am on for next year.

I organised all my material for Art and English and it is clear that the Art resource portal is going to be more successful then the English but this is reality. It is difficult to collaborate with all departments.

To date I have images, web sites, word documents, blogs, world book online, clickview information. Not for all the pages but as a hole resource I have this information and I will look at ed modo and delicious.

Ok just spent about 40 minutes in delicious. Long story short had to create a new account and once I did I found that it would not be a good resource for the teachers at my school. In the future it could be but not at present.

Posted my Assignment on the Facebook INF506 page and Carrie Webster commented from that I was able to put information about the library catalogue. Carrie said the link did not work and I forgot to but information about the library catalogue only be available if you are logged into the DEC portal.

The English portal was much harder to resource. I had to keep in mind the conversations I had had with the staff. The are familiar with video and printing from the internet. With this in mind I tried to keep it simple and not too over whelming. I focused on using video and informative information using world book an clickview. Whilst this is not using the web to its full potential it is an effort to create a portal that will be used by this group of teachers.

Again on completion I posted it on INF506 facebook and got two positive responses.

I also e-mailed the links to two DEC librarians to get their perspective.

The thinking behind my resourcing was

upload material provided by teachers
check Clickview and World book (to promote use of and these are great resources)

Digital audio
journal articles
YOU Tube

For some themes blogs or Wikis had been created during team teaching in 2010 with the librarian and teacher.

Ok now its time to think (on to EER500 and research for WEB 2.0) (basically a week of reading)