From module 3

he Library 2.0 movement began in 2005. The following two articles capture the information profession's point-of-departure in terms of the development of the Library 2.0 concept.

Good start (web 2.0)

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More great stuff from module 3
With the emergence of social networking sites, came the concept of Library 2.0, where libraries and information agencies harness not just the Web 2.0 technologies but the underlying principles (or 4Cs) of Web 2.0 – collaboration, conversation, community and content creation (or co-creation). Thus, participatory library service is viewed as the new service model for library and information agencies. A fifth C – crowd sourcing – has also emerged more recently as an underlying principle of the social networking phenomenon.
This Library 2.0 meme map developed by Bonaria Biancu (2006, proposes the main elements of the Library 2.0 concept: