Building Academic Library 2.0

Five key pieces of advice that could be applied to Hunters Hill High School Library.

The best comment was in the question response and it was "tread lightly in these spaces", "its like a librarian hanging out at a pub with students and trying to be cool" this was in response to friending students in facebook. It is better to create a page and have students like it then to go and friend request students. I believe this concept of treading lightly in the web 2.0 area is good advice once you are perceived as trying to hard then it’s all over. Explore what is needed and then look for a platform that is going to work for you and the students. In relation to HHHSL planning is a problem as is structure, equitability is non-existent so finding ways around the unsupportive power structure is the only way forward. I love the hole getting rid of the perfect product and creating the constant BETA, I am in constant BETA.

First speaker
Understand what people need and planning for it.
Three P's

Develop a strategic program
Creating a structure so that planning can successful
How it will be delivered
How service is provided
well managed
How are you doing your partnership with other faculties

Future of learning spaces?
Using learning spaces in new ways physical and virtual.

Technologie space is moving so fast.

Continue to be activist in copyright (in relation to privacy)
Mange the disscusion of what is legal in relation to copyright as if it comes down the HHHS server it can be supened by a law firm and the information can be kept in case of a possible law suite.

Second speaker
How to chart the information of today.

Meridith Farkis
(queen of WIKI)
only been a librarian for three years
WEb 2.0 Sea change for users (used to be able to add content by code today you only have to use templated software)
meeting changing user needs
radical trust
Faith in our users
Getting rid of the culture of perfect
aware of emerging technologies and opportuniteis
looking outside of the library world for applications, opportunities, inspirations

The product made today can and will be changed over and over again tomorrow

explore and capatise on what all libraries are doing not just DEC school libraries (inspiration comes form everywhere)

SERVEY our own users (ask them what is important to them) Higher an anthropologist to research the students

Market to parents (have a breakfast)
ASk students what they want in the library on Facebook
Question everything we do?
Way we are classifying our books (dewey) (classificiacation of book stores)

(I classify by subject area they learning theme ie: rocks and minerals (science))

Explain why we have the rules or policies we have.

(Why you can not have your bag in the library (display))

(Why you can not eat in the library (display))

What time you need to be quiet and what times you do not need to be quiet


Facebook and Myspace (hook students to the library where students are)
Norwich library (social networking)

Get over that librarians are the experts

Collective intelegence
Video Games and violence bibliography (google)

If we got toghether and discussed our needs we could build a huge OPAC

PINES OPAC (evergreen) (google)

Collabrating with other departments
Don't focus just on technologies
Think about the students that don't use technology

Build a learning culture
Learning 2.0 Project
Risk tolerent culture
but things out there and evaluate it and then change it (constant BETA state)
Be willing to make changes (so do not make things a perfect product but it out there and then collaborate and make changes)

macmaster university (check out)

Library journal (movers and shakers) (not suppourted by the institutions they work for)

We need to be agile (quickly change (constant change))

All stakholders need to get involved

What does your library need
then decide on how to best service these needs

What is at the heart of resistence
What is actually blocking the process
Time must be devoted to web 2.0
leadership and focus in WEB 2.0

Is your organisation as it is currently structured able to make all this happen

12 step program
1st steep admiting you have a problem

Select advice from five (5) letters of this A-Z list and consider how these may be applied to this library to help it embrace a Library 2.0 ethos. Write up your findings as a post (of no more than 350 words in your OLJ).

Direction- What are you planning to accomplish for your library with social networking?

O-Open Source- use these programs and tools to enhance your social networking experience and to help your library save money.

V-Video whether on youtube or elsewhere, use video to enhance and engage with your users via social networking.

Y- Youth- using social networking allows you to connect on a deeper level with young people.

Z-zeal, is your library staff exciting about the possibilities that social networking can offer your library? If not, you will struggle to make it work for you.

At present the Hunters Hill High School Library (HHHSL)has no online presence, thus direction is needed. I have started to plan by creating a WIKI for HHHSL that is similar to the below ACU Library Channel. My limitations are as follows: no budget, one full time librarian, 520 students, ageing staff, unreliable network, a server that constantly fails and deletes things.
On the positive side it is a clean slate and I have the opportunity to be completely revolutionary. I am very interested in the creative common aspect of web 2.0 thus open source software
environments appeal to me a lot. The library at HHHS was virtually not used and the collection is very old (majority of books from 1980's and before). Using digital resources to supplement the resources is of major importance. As is bring the community back to the library thus the web 2.0 platform will be a wonderful way to do both these things.

Do the Below achieve the 4 C's of Social Networking
Content creation or co-creation

ASU Libraries are across the major social networking platforms. Critically one downfall is that each one is being used the same way. The platforms have unique qualities that cater to different types of information and often very different users. To some extent this would be why ASU is putting the same information up on all the sites but I believe they should hone in on the uniquness of each one and provide content that catters to the individual users of each one. Each platform could have a different person delivering the information. I get the impression that it is one person posting on all platforms and just pasting the same information on each one. In relation to the Facebook page only 271 like it, only two people posted and only I commented on the page. This seems low and I could not say that a conversation is developing yet it has a small community. Above are my comments about all the content relating to all of the platforms. In relation to collaboration again my comment is above. The vimeo channel has 36 videos with only 2 likes and it is exactly the same as the YouTube content. The YouTube videos have had 17,485 views (I wonder how many came via CSU students?) Just browsing YouTube I could not find any comments.Twitter has 373 Following and 1,593 followers, this would indicate a sense of community. I believe in my perspective that ASU is able to cover all of the four 4's but not on one platform it is able to do this by using all the platforms.

The library Minute Videos and the ASU Library Channel Suite response
The Library Channel is a website that has many links to different ways of accessing the same information that is on the website. Just about every file type can be accessed via a link on this site.

Has all the links most university libraries have.

Also have
VIME (same stuff as YouTube)
iTunes U
They did a book tree too

(Just have Conversation and Content (made for a community but not by a community)
The library minute
Study Spaces

Good that they are short and the host is very cool.

The images work well and the flow is good
Informative and interesting

My ASU Library Links
images of library page and how to use the pop down menu
describes all the links

The Library Minute Mobile web
Informative and clear

Lots of information on this page