Now that you have explored some examples of how libraries and the media make use of RSS to deliver updated information and the applications that can tailor and aggregate feeds for specific users, find two (2) additional examples of 'RSS in action', and develop a 350 word post to your OLJ on how RSS can enhance a library or information service’s ability to meet the information needs of its users.


I am not a fan of RSS feeds. I just have not ever seen the need to use them. See above link of one reason why. I can not understand why you would want to do such a thing. I like to visit all of my accounts and look through them and respond to things. I guess this is for companies.

Reasons to use

10 Ways Libraries Can Use RSS
1. Create an RSS feed for new additions to the online catalog.
2. Create an RSS feed tied to a library card account for hold notifications and/or overdue materials.
3. Create an RSS feed for new programs and events posted on the library website.
4. Create an RSS feed for the library’s electronic newsletter.
5. Create an RSS feed for press releases and other media advisories.
6. Create an RSS feed for library closings, including emergency closings.
7. Create an RSS feed for library job openings.
8. Subscribe to a few RSS feeds, such as local news websites, and share the content on the library’s website. This could be included on a page containing other local resources and local links.
9. Subscribe to RSS feeds of interest to library customers and share the content on the customer’s personalized library webpage. Customers can choose to access selected RSS feeds, their library account information, subscription databases, and email/chat with a librarian all in one spot.
10. Subscribe to a few professional RSS feeds and share with library staff on the library intranet.

WOW this library loves RSS feeds it uses them for just about everything

This Wiki claims it it s a best practice library one stop shop (hmmm)

From my professional placement and Module

Library of Congress


It seems that the libraries above are not doing any thing new with the RSS feed they are simply providing services they already do via RSS. The library of congress has RSS or e-mail options next to each service that has an RSS feed. I hate to be a downer but if the service is not being used before providing an RSS feed for it will not bring it back to life. All of the 10 ways to use RSS are already covered in a web site. I would use an RSS feed that linked to a topic that students are studying, lets say Egypt. I would use the Feed to help students locate authorative sources. The feed would be timed for the begining, middle and end of the assignment. Giving students advice that scaffolds the assignment for them.