Packet Garden


Starting INF506 was a whirl wind I had accounts in many of the social networking sites that I was required to join, some I could not remember the details to login so I joined again. As I stated on the OLJI was really eager to get started on using these tools as a part of learning. Looking back on that weekend I remember being keen to experience the social networking tools as a part of learning but unfortunately the only one I kept with was Facebook and I was already using Facebook. It was good to chat to students this way and I used Facebook more then I have ever used the forum. The modules and experiences I really enjoyed were relating to Library 2.0 in general especially Meridith Farkis and all Second Life sessions.

To expand on the Facebook interactions once I finished at work for 2011 I found I would check Facebook a couple of times a day. Participating in a CSU course this way was a lot more personable then the Forum and as I stated I did not use the Forum much during my studies at CSU as I found it confusing and often just annoying. The Facebook INF506 was the complete opposite experience I even set it up on my iPhone so I could get instant notifications, it is still sending them this minute. From the advice I received on Facebook I added Yoono to my iPhone and dropbox to all my devices. As I stated above the highlight for me was the sessions in Second Life I really felt connected to the group and the learning experience. After listening to the presentations in Second Life I was able to realise the potential of Second Life but also understand how much of a learning journey we all experienced. Although it was a Virtual experience I still felt a ‘Vibe’ with all the fast typing and clapping occurring in Second Life. After each session I felt a buzz of inspiration to try as hard as possible to bring my school on board a Library 2.0 journey and eventually a Web 2.0 one.

In relation to the modules so many moments cemented for me that libraries are moving forward and paving new territory.
Starting with the OLCreport that gives advice and predictions relating to social networking in relation to the library. I have always considered privacy during my Masters of Visual Arts I read a lot about hacking and identity theft, this was back in 2004-2006. At this time I created social networking accounts but never put my real details. If your internet connection is open then all of the contents of your computer are open to hackers, no matter what security you have. With this in mind I do use the internet for banking and other activities that have my real details I do this out of laziness not trust.

The OLC raises good points but I tend to be a little paranoid after my own research that I stated above.
JODI org when talking about new media art describe were my thoughts are in relation to privacy and the internet in general "
NEW MEDIA ART"we explore the computer from inside,and mirror this on the net, when a viewer looks at our work, we are inside his computer... And we are honored to be in somebody's computer. You are very close to a person when you are on his desktop. I think the computer is a device to get into someone's mind. Dirk Paesmans, JODI.In relation to visualisation of the internet a proram art piece called Packet Gardencreates a beautiful art work based on your internet usage this work brings home just what the internet is about. I suggest to anyone who uses the internet to download this work just to get an idea of how many packets are created whilst using the internet and where those packets go. When I first used this work I was shocked as to home many countries I visited in just a two hour time frame on the internet. It demonstrates visually how open your computer is whilst surfing the web. This becomes even more alarming when young people upload images, personal details and contact details to Facebook.

In closing I have developed during this course in relation to my prior knowledge of the internet as a New Media Artist. I come from a very different place then most as I used the Internet to create art using HTML, whilst on my professional development placement I came across two research librarians who used to use HTML in daily library practices. Whilst I embrace the Web 2.0 ideals and use Social Network software I am a little sad as artist like and myself have to reinvent what they do on the internet. The internet is not as fresh as it once was with the same templates for everything from an artistic perspective no new boundaries are being broken as every website looks the same with the exact same design principles. From the perspective of using Web 2.0 in the classroom and library I already do but what this course has introduced to me is a network of like-minded individuals pushing the boundaries of library services. Drawing on the plethora of tools on the Internet. I have started talking to my assistant about what we can do and we have decided on times to social network in the library.

Second Life
OLJ tasks for Assignment 2, you will need to write a short evaluation (no more than 400 words) of your use of Second Life as a 3D virtual world throughout this session. Include a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of different features/functions and learning experiences encountered, as well as a brief statement on the different ways an information organisation may be able to utilise Second Life to support information services, learning and/or collaboration of users and/or employees.

I participated in three Second Life (SL) events as a part of the course. Initially I had technical issues with the sound and twice I had to close the SL viewer and open it up again to fix the sound. I have used SL before on my own just to look at the various Libraries in SL but I found the tour with the group form the course a lot more fun and I as I was able to chat with other avatars and ask questions and answer questions. The presentations in SL were inspirational it was fantastic to see other peoples work and listen to how they went about their projects. It was during these sessions that it became clear to me how I could use SL to collaborate with librarians overseas. In relation to my school I will not be able to use SL as it is blocked but I can and have started to meet other DEC librarians in SL. SL has given me ideas for my Virtual Library, I am building one using Open SIM. Unfortunately due to the constraints of completing three courses in the Summer I was not able to use SL as much as I would have liked to but it is definitely something I will do now that the Session is over. In relation to the course as I stated I had used SL but it was my experience during the course that open my eyes to the possibilities it is definitely a social software and needs to be used in a group situation. The experiences I had when I used it on my own before the course were not as fun and I was not really sure how I could incorporate SL into my professional practice. It has the opportunity to be used as an educational hub.

Set up an account on the social bookmarking service Delicious -
We will be using Delicious through the duration of the subject. It will provide you with a platform on which you will be able to store and share relevant online materials throughout the subject and beyond into other subjects, or professional and personal activities.
Use the Help feature to learn about how to set up a network linking your account to others. Add the usernames, 'SISsocialmedia' and 'lyn_hay' to your account, and if you find any great resources which you think others in INF506 will like, please share these using the 'for:sissocialmedia' tag.
Get started - go out and tag a few resources!

If you wish to use this task as one of your three (3) OLJ tasks for Assignment 2, you will need to write a short evaluation (no more than 350 words) of your use of Delicious as a social bookmarking tool - include a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of different features and/or functions, as well as a brief statement on the different ways an information organisation may be able to utilise Delicious to support information services, learning and/or collaboration of users and/or employees.
This has to be the Web2.0 tool I use the least. I have had contact with it before in 401 and I used it a lot to make bookmarks. When I started this course I had forgotten the password and could not even remember my user name so I made a new account for this task. I started with good intensions but did not really book mark at all this time. When I created my social networking project I considered making stacks for each subject and I even started one but when I evaluated its effectiveness in relation to my community I changed my mind. During 401 I remember using the 401 Delicious links a lot. For people that are open to using many Web 2.0 tools it is a wonderful resource and I would love to be able to create stacks for each subject and share it with the students. It is still an idea in the future. After listening to the presentation in SL about the INF506 Delicious account my eyes have been widened. I was not aware that it would take so much time to annotate each link but I was so impressed that one of the stacks became a Delicious feature so that was a wonderful success and has inspired me to use Delicious with students in the future.

READ the post A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries (22 January, 2010) on the Social Networking for Libraries blog.
Consider this advice in terms of a library and information agency that you know (as an employee or user). Select advice from five (5) letters of this A-Z list and consider how these may be applied to this library to help it embrace a Library 2.0 ethos. Write up your findings as a post (of no more than 350 words in your OLJ)

The top 5 List for my LIBRARY (Hunters Hill High School)
Background Hunters Hill High School is a small comprehensive school with a not so academic student cohort. Teachers are stretched for time as all teachers are this makes collaborating with them difficult. I would like to be able to reach the teacher digitally as I notice they are all on their computers all the time. I have tried e-mail for a year but this did not work although some teachers thanked me for the constant flow of resources. I found that they never had time to explore what I sent them.
My New Mantra thanks to CSU Module(2012)
Web 2.0 – collaboration, conversation, community and content creation (or co-creation). Thus, participatory library service is viewed as the new service model for library and information agencies. A fifth C – crowd sourcing (
Here is where the Post starts it would be to all staff:

B- Blog, does your library have a blog. This is a great way for you to offer value and content for your library and it has become the standard for libraries to have one.
The DEC has created EduBlogs and I would like to make use of these because they are not blocked and they are linked to e-mails. In the past I have sent e-mails with information about resourcing your subject area and general library information. I will begin tailoring the information to each subject area. I invision that this will be a collaborative process and all staff in each KLA will contribute to the blog. I have no stringent guides on what is blogged only that it be a professional resourcing tool.

Ebooks- You can share these on social networking to increase their exposure.
The library has 3,500 e-books avalible via World Book online. We also have various Jacaranda e-books. I will be creating a Wiki that will house links and how to use guides for these products. I would love to have teachers contribute information about the books and share knowledge about how they use them in the classroom.

F-Facebook, having a presence on facebook with a fan page or a group is a must. Facebook is so popular now that it is expected.
The library has created a Facebook page via the librarian’s alias. I would like to have all teacher son Facebook as this is a wonderful way to keep in touch and share information and offer advice.

H-Help- relying on only one or two people to build your library’s social networking presence will not work. It needs to be a whole team effort on behalf of your entire library staff.
There are only two members of staff in the library it would be wonderful to create a resourcing community enable a whole school approach to resource and social networking.

L-Library Thing- use this great site to share your library collections with others
In relation to the HHHS library we have a wonderful Wiki presence and it would be wonderful to share this on Library Thing and develop larger network in an effort to provide excellent resources on the Wiki

N-Ning this free social networking site allows you to create a social networking specifically for your library
This is an area that needs to be developed as the libraries present networking consists of the librarians efforts alone.