• Assignment 1A

  • (a) define what social networking is (in your own words);

  • A community of people that communicate using digital content.

  • (b) list what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes); and

  • 1st I used My Space, MSN and Youtube
  • then Facebook and Blogs and Wikis.
quest Atlantis

Google docs (Hmm is this one (social production site maybe)
All the ones I joined on WEEKONE page

  • (c) describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506.

  • I will learn how to use these technologies in a professional manner to date I have started to do this but can not wait to get into Second Life with my students.
Just thought I would add a bit down here

After completion of my Masters in Education I toyed with the idea of a Phd. I was really interested in Myspace so I created accounts for two characters from my animation. These characters developed and from that I created MSN accounts and my first facebook. I also had blogs and Youtube accounts for the characters.

After listening to half of the 40 min audio in module 1

Creates a culture of sharing (for free)

"changing the way you do things'

We share ideas and joys
Learn together (it is asking people to do things in a different way)

to teach in a different way
to lead in a different way
to manage in a different way

When I first started using the internet it was all about the sharing of 010101
it was rough raw and free
No adds

So really what is happening is a shift back to what it was but with adds